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Labour & Employment Law

Our Labour and Employment Lawyers

At the Nuraney Law Group, we deliver practical, clear, and result-oriented legal advice on employment, human resource, and labor law matters. We offer strong and effective representation to employers and employees when workplace disputes arise.

Our seasoned employment lawyers deal with matters of labor and employment law in Vancouver on a daily basis. We represent clients before courts, tribunals, and labor boards on employment and labor-related issues, whether in litigation or arbitration.

Our Labor and Employment lawyers in Vancouver are helping our clients navigate through our new world of COVID-19 and giving them direction on how to see this pandemic through and come out stronger than ever. Further, we are aware of the need for effective management, reputation, and risks posed by competition for the best talents in the market and the need for proactive measures to protect our clients.

We update our clients on new legislations and recent developments in courts and tribunals to help them realign their goals and objectives with the law. We strive to ensure the best outcome for your issue by carefully and thoroughly looking at opportunities for out-of-court settlements and preservation of good employment and labor relations.

Our Labour & Employment Law Services include:

  • Employment disputes
  • Ending the employment relationship
  • Structuring severance packages
  • Workplace human rights
  • Recruiting and hiring
  • Employment contract drafting
  • Policy manual development
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